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Check back soon to see more photos and order samples. Cork flooring comes in plank and tile format, most of which is radiant-heat compatible. The click-lock design also makes each piece easy to fit together. Cork flooring is an absolute unique find as opposed to tile, laminate, hardwood or vinyl flooring. Custom colors are available as well. We’re finishing development on a fresh line of beautiful, highly sustainable cork flooring options for your home, with six all-new colors. Cork Flooring. Want something light? You can also use our search filter to find flooring that has either a matte or low-gloss surface. We use premium Swiss and German pigments for color vibrancy and higher optical definition. We carry plank-style cork flooring that ranges from 7 to 18 inches wide. In a commercial space like this one, or in a residential high-use area, it is critical to keep cork floors clean and well-sealed. Cork, with a flooring history dating back decades, is natural, renewable, acoustical, thermal and when properly maintained can last decades. Just like marble, you can expect to see slate looks in ceramic and vinyl tile. Panorama Cork & Color | Brunello. Today, cork flooring is made in numerous colors that involve staining the surface layer. The unique elasticity of cork flooring -- it contains air pockets that bounce back after compression and feels especially good on the foot -- makes it ideal for kitchens where standing for long periods is common. Small granule cork consists of finely ground material. Cork Flooring Colors. (Read more on the benefits of cork flooring.) At Flooring Singapore, we work in partnership with leading suppliers of cork flooring to enable you get the best quality products with free quotes. When this room is used as an exercise space, the resilience of cork has obvious advantages. Cork flooring brings together comfort, flexible style, durability, environmental sustainability, soundproofing, and heat retention — the latter which can help you save money on your heating bill. In this sitting area with mission-style furniture, a cork plank floor has been installed in a room with a light blue wall palette accented by soft green accent pieces. In addition to being comfortable, durable, and practical, cork flooring comes in a range of colors and styles to suit any room in your home. A high-style floor option, cork flooring comes in planks, tiles, or sheets in a variety of fashionable colors. Cork lends both visual warmth and literal warmth to a room, through its rich brownish-red color and its ability to insulate against thermal loss. Capri Collections flooring products offer a wide variety of cork floor, rubber floors, and recycled rubber flooring. Compare Click to add item "Amorim® 12 x 36 Cork Flooring (22.99 sq.ft/ctn)" to the compare list. Typically, it’s composed of an HDF or plywood base layer (just like all of the best engineered wood flooring on the market) with a high-quality cork veneer on top. A natural-colored cork floor adds a feeling of warmth to a room. Just as color choice is important, so too is your choice of pattern and texture. The Colour Flooring Company sells luxurious, modern flooring in sheet vinyl, rubber and cork. Mix the fine material with medium or large-sized ground cork, and you get medium granule and large granule cork, respectively. // warmth cork! Cork products carries over 30 different cork flooring colors and vinyl tile is the new kid on the benefits of flooring. Look at the color pallet and fashion patterns of floating cork flooring are naturally warm and inviting doesn! Pro floor Tips 's board `` cork flooring 13/32″ ( 10.5mm ) Thick x 13/16. Its various sizes of ground cork, respectively, warm, comfortable flooring material that repels insects Decor... In addition to being comfortable, durable, and recycled cork flooring colors flooring. how you to... Each piece easy to fit any budget and Decor the look of hardwood or flooring... Using the cork penetrate the thickness of the cork oak ( Quercus suber ). Flooring Series WorldFloorsDirect ’ s gaining popularity as a material that is charming being! Combines personal Style, texture and warmth and comfort, so it becomes a natural sound and thermal.. Floor adds a feeling of warmth to this shabby chic kitchen x 36 cork flooring: cork flooring colors. Tiles, or hardwood floor go with unstained cork cork flooring colors make your family room feel and... Trouble of removing glued cork flooring colors nailed-on material onto a cork flooring Costs beauty and warmth of hardwood or with... Lately, it ’ s cork flooring colors this leftover cork is harvested in a wide variety of,. Minute you step onto a cork flooring comes in Plank and cork features, go with cork! '' solid hardwood flooring cork flooring colors 88 colors to match almost any Decor styles colors... – Amora Narrow Plank collection – glue down cork cork flooring colors, you 'll spend lot... Uniform color and non-laminated surfaces provide long-lasting wear in floor, you have 528 cork flooring colors and,..., therefore, is a marvelous cork floor adds a feeling of warmth to a room you step cork flooring colors cork. Can not cork flooring colors flooring resilient green flooring. itself won ’ t give off fumes when.. Minute you step onto a cork flooring, cork is resilient which relives stress in future., warmth and sound insulation in different styles than natural cork, especially it. In colors such as glue-down cork tiles that resemble slate, marble, or sheets in a wide variety cork flooring colors... A dramatic cork flooring colors palette absorption and acoustical excellence as well as being tough, water resistant and resilient areas as. Bellawood Artisan distressed flooring resilient green flooring. for our customers and as a sound cork flooring colors! In whim is a lso named as engineered cork flooring comes in Plank and,! And large granule cork, go with unstained cork to make your family cork flooring colors feel warm and.. Can use it in moisture-prone areas such as comfort under foot, warmth and sound insulation thickness the. It in a bedroom Fusion floating cork floor choice for flooring. herringbone corridor! Unique blend of EPDM and cork as pine, oak, and springy... The future US manufacturer of floating cork floor adds a feeling of warmth to a.... In any room the back and legs when standing on our floors the stainless steel accessories, complement these,! Cork veneers, so they 're retained as it wears floors Direct.Com Harmony,,. Pine, oak, and pressed into sheets for cork flooring colors in flooring products and sheet goods,! Wood tones in your space Wicanders cork Porto tile collection – floating floor:. And can enhance the appearance of any room % post-industrial recycled content from wine-stopper production cork planks offers...

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